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Our Vision

Accelerate, Build and Create for an Autonomous World. Enable everyone to be skilled in Robotics and AI.

AI and Automation are changing the world.

Robotics Masters is building educational robot platforms that enable people to embrace an autonomous world.  We give everyone a chance to learn about current and future automation technologies.

Our robot kits are used by  schools and Robotics enthusiasts around the World,  we make the robots are more accessible and affordable for everyone.

What we do

Full-Scale Car Kits

In February 2018 we took some of the brightest engineers from across the world to Queensland, Australia to take part in the world’s first 72 Hour Challenge to build a fully autonomous full-scale car.  Five teams took part in the challenge and successfully adapted old Australian classic cars into remote-controlled and self-driving cars.  We are now able to bring to you the same kits that these teams used so that you too can build your own full-scale kit car.

The guide has been made available online to the public free of charge!  Get in touch with us for more information.

More Information


The Robotics Masters MM1 HAT is an open source robotics controller board for Raspberry Pi. It removes the initial barriers to starting any robotics project by providing all the hardware you need in one easy form factor. The wide compatibility with many open source software libraries such as CircuitPython, SeeSaw and Arduino IDE gives you many options for getting your project to work. The hardware schematics and software will be fully available and open source without limitations.

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Self-Driving Car Kits

The small-scale self-driving car kit is an entry-level platform with industry-standard tools used by self-driving car engineers, such as Tensor Flow and Open CV, to train them to drive autonomously in a given environment.

Our Self-Driving Car Kits are used worldwide and when combined with a structured education program, show great results with engineers by providing a more engaging platform for learning.

TensorFlow is an open-source software library for data flow programming across a range of tasks. OpenCV is a library of programming functions mainly aimed at real-tim1e computer vision. They are both common tools used in the self-driving car industries. It provides an introduction to Neural Networks, hardware control systems, software design and programming (Python3).

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We are working with schools worldwide to help increase and education for future engineers and robotics technicians.   This is facilitated by providing all the required parts and courses to produce a small-scale self-driving car kit for engineers to create and learn about robotics and AI.

We make robotics more accessible, fun and exciting to learn.  This starts with all level using our self-driving car and ends up with engineers building their own cars during community events with the potential to move into industry and continue research and development on real products.

Meet the Team


We believe the future of our life will be determined by how well we prepare our children for success in the 21st century. Today we see great potential for the application of technology to enrich and transform education for all learners. and Robotics Masters is creating the hardware platform for all levels.