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Run your autonomous car event like a pro!   Be able to quickly deploy your removable track to train your AI models at any event.  The reusable track means you can spend less time and money creating a track with tape.  Just roll out and go!

The track is available in three standard sizes (all sizes approximate):

  • Small – 3.0 m x 5.0 m
  • Large – 4.8 m x 8.0 m
  • Giant – 7.0 m x 10.0 m

Custom track design printing is also available at additional cost.

All tracks are custom made to order and take approximately 10 to 14 working days to arrive at the destination upon confirmation of receipt of funds.   Shipping included in price.


Reasons for Purchasing

  • Cost – if you are currently using a tape track you could be spending upwards of $20 – $50 on tape for each event you host.  Then tearing it up at the end, wasting resources and money.  After approximately 3 or 4 events, this product pays for itself in raw material cost.
  • Time – every time you deploy a tape track, you have to spend hours setting it up, making sure the dimensions are correct, adjusting corners, and exerting excessive energy.  That time could be better spent training a better model, capturing more data, or improving your driving skills!
  • Overall, when taking into account material cost and time cost – these tracks can be paid off after only a 2 or 3 events!


Donkey Car Community Design

The Donkey Car Community Track is used at many events.  The design is created by the community (not us) and many variations can be found through the community.  It is designed to work with both small scale cars such as 1:28 and 1:16 but also with the larger standard Donkey Car scales.

Thank you @mikko_ for providing a template for the community to hack and customise!

Basic Design

Ideal for all scales!

These tracks are based on the Amazon Deep Racer and are customized by Robotics Masters Limited.  This design is used at our events hosted in Shenzhen, China.  It provides an entry level design for those who want to get started with Donkey Car and training neutral networks.  It is a basic design.


Custom Track Designs!

We are providing a service for people to make their own designs become a reality!  Send us an SVG file with your design and we will print to one of the available sizes and specifications!  Please read terms below for custom track printing.

Custom track orders may take longer due to time to ensure that the sizes are correct.  We use a scaling factor to ensure the closest possible size match to specification.  We do not claim any responsibility or accountability for custom tracks being sized incorrectly as a result of incorrect files sent, or design issues relating to the file.